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Mediation Practice

About Ms. Diaz

Ms. Diaz obtained her Florida Supreme Court Mediation Certification in2003 and has nearly 15 years of mediation experience. Ms. Diaz is fluent in both Spanish and English which allows her to communicate directly with both English speaking and non-English speaking clients.  

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation offers parties the unique opportunity to resolve issues amicably and without risk or uncertainty. Through the mediation process, Ms. Diaz can assist you in reaching an agreement that may avoid you having to go to Court.  

Why Choose Ms. Diaz?

Ms. Diaz is a bilingual mediator who offers an unbiased, hands-on approach to mediation that is effective in facilitating settlements. Ms. Diaz's mediation practice includes divorce mediation, as well as the mediation of civil litigation cases including employment related claims, personal injury claims, maritime claims, and insurance claims, to name a few. The Law Office of Patricia Bango Diaz, P.A. provides mediation services in Miami, Broward  and its surrounding areas.